Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Salt City Shootout - Volkswagen Drag Racing

As many of you know, I have grown up in a family that is kind of obsessed with cars and racing. As a young kid I remember going to the VW drag races and watching my dad race his 1956 VW bug. I always assumed that everybody knew that people race VWs.... It was only when I got older that I realized that not everybody was aware of this fact. So, for all of you who were not aware, people race VWs. Not only do people race them, but many of them are actually quite fast. I was asked by the local VW guys to come out to this event and take pictures of their race. I had a great time seeing familiar faces and watching the racing. It has been a while since I took pictures of racing, but I feel that I was able to get in the groove quite quickly. Enjoy the pictures and don't be surprised to see a couple of these cars on two wheels.

To see the rest of the pictures go to Salt City Shootout Album

Not the fastest race of the day, but definitely one of the most entertaining ones. 

This is my father in law's 1956 bug. Looking good Kevin!

Thats my brother Chip driving my dad's 1956 bug! Wohooo!

Riley and Cierra's Love Story

Well, I guess its about time that I added the pictures from my baby sisters engagements and bridals. I hope she won't judge me too harshly for taking almost a year to get around to adding them. Riley and Cierra have been married for almost a year now and are a great couple. We are so happy to have Riley in the family and we look forward to the birth of their first kid in a few months. I really loved how these photos turned out and I am embarrassed that I have taken so long to get around to showing them off. I hope you like them.


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